Hello and Welcome to Nibelungenhort's internet page!

Nibelungenhort is a fantasy-indoor-labyrinth that centres around a German folklore tale with fairytale elements. Here, you will be transported back in time and can assume the role of one of four courageous heroes while exploring our labyrinth and the famous tale 'Nibelungensage' simultaneously by solving riddles and revealing more and more parts of your very own story. It is a perfect fit for any children or teenagers who are between 6 and 15 years old, but if any adults accompany them, they are welcome to join in as well.

- Where We Are -

We are located in the town of Bürstadt in southwest Germany. Currently, the entire game and everything in it is only available in German. However, our staff would be more than happy to help you out with translations. Additonally, we can select onlythese riddles for you that work non the basis of you having to find pictures such as crests or family trees or portraits or by sending you on other dangerous quests such as finding lost dragon eggs or roaming through the forest to pluck some roses for a flower arrangement for our princess.  Therefore, if you're planning a trip to visit Nibelungenhort, we'd love if you could just shoot us a quick message for planning's sake.

- When Are We Open-

Mondays                  closed

Tuesdays                   closed

Wednesdays     14pm - 18pm

Thursdays         14pm - 18pm

Fridays            14pm - 19pm

Saturdays         11am - 19pm

Sundays           11am - 19pm

closed on Dec 24, 25, 26, 30 and Jan 1

- How to Play -

After you arrive at Nibelungenhort, the first step for you is to head towards our information desk. There, our staff will give you a short introduction into the game and its rules, as well as the safety instructions. We will also introduce you to the four characters you are able to play as.

Depending on who you chose, you will get different equipment such as keys you'll need to open the doors or small electric candles. The four characters between which you can choose are elves, magicians, healers and warriors.

Once you are all set, you'll receive your first quest which is designed to look like a page from a book. On the front is the question you're supposed to answer in order to solve the riddle and on the back is a short passage that wil, the more pages you collect, eventually develop into chapters of a story.

Unsere Öffnungszeiten

Montag                               Ruhetag

Dienstag                              Ruhetag

Mittwoch                      14 bis 18 Uhr

Donnerstag                    14 bis 18 Uhr

Freitag                          14 bis 19 Uhr

Samstag                         11 bis 19 Uhr

Sonntag                         11 bis 19 Uhr


       Am 24., 25., 26., 31. Dezember und am 1. Januar ist der Nibelungenhort geschlossen!